Make Your Water from Air
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For Your Lifestyle

Save trips to the store with great-tasting water at your tap
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For Your Loved Ones

From your roof to your tap, water you can feel good about drinking
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Renewable Water

Operating in arid to humid conditions, your supply refreshed each day
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Customize your SOURCE array to meet the needs of your household or community. SOURCE can be installed as a single panel for small households or an array for larger drinking water consumption.

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  • Primary Panel $2,000
  • Additional Panel $2,000
    - 0 +
  • Your Water Democratized contribution is the percentage you want to give of another panel, starting at 10% of a panel, for a family with little or no access to safe water. Learn More.
    Water Democratized Contribution
    - 0% +
  • Standard Installation $500
  • Water Democratized Panel
  • Daily Water Produced:
  • To make up to
    2 - 5 Liters or 4 - 10 standard bottles of water
  • *estimated water production; depends on daily climate conditions
  • Estimated All-in Cost for your Water $ 4,500
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the drinking water solution you’ve been looking for

  • Convenient

    SOURCE water flows by a tap from panels on your roof or on your property. Low- maintenance & always great-tasting, your water there when you need it

  • Quality

    Water vapor is extracted as pure water & is mineralized for taste. Without pipes or plastic chemicals, SOURCE water is of the highest quality without the vulnerability of infrastructure

  • Secure

    Renewable & infrastructure- independent means a fresh supply of water each day even when the grid goes down – without the waste & CO₂ of bottled water

Responsive optimized performance

SOURCE is connected to a mesh network, sending us daily updates on your panels. We’ll keep an eye on your array, monitoring production, optimizing for performance & responding to any variations in water generation.

With our service packages, you don’t need to do a thing.

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Technical Specifications

    • Footprint

      4 feet x 8 feet (1.2m x 2.4m)

    • Creation of Water

      Pure water vapor is pulled from air with a system powered by solar panels and is then converted into liquid water

    • Water Reservoir

      SOURCE panels make water that flows into a 30 liter reservoir where it is mineralized for optimal taste

    • Daily Water Production

      2-5 liters or 4-10 standard water bottles; dependent on conditions related to sunshine and humidity

    • Energy Usage

      SOURCE is fully self-sustained and off-grid; creates and stores its own power in solar panel and batteries

    • Battery

      There is an internal Li-ion battery to enable water delivery when the sun isn’t shining

    • Water Quality

      Pure water is created from water vapor (none of the pollutants in the air comes with it) and minerals are added; Follows EPA and FDA guidelines

    • Mineral Cartridge Composition

      One cartridge in reservoir: calcium and magnesium. Final finishing cartridge at tap: activated carbon

    • Installation Options

      Roof without shading

The best choice for your drinking water

Do you know your water (carbon footprint, contaminants, reliability)? Most of us don’t. From the infrastructure issues of municipal water, the wasted water of reverse osmosis, and the health & environmental dangers of bottled water, you need a better choice- for you, your family, & the earth.

We designed SOURCE with you in mind. Setting the standard for drinking water convenience, quality, and security. With SOURCE you know where your water has been & that it is high-quality.