Frequently Asked Questions
How can I get SOURCE for my home or community?

SOURCE is available in select cities through our online store. For other communities, SOURCE can be purchased by reaching out to one of our sales representatives.

Does SOURCE work at most humidity levels?

SOURCE produces water in communities with a wide range of climates. Our array on the ZMW headquarters in Scottsdale makes water year-long despite low relative humidity.

Does the water produced pick up any air pollution?

NO – by design, our water extraction process only collects pure water with a composition similar to distilled water. We then mineralize the water for optimum taste.

How do I get the water produced?

SOURCE delivers water right to the tap in your kitchen or to another tap of your choice.

What if my SOURCE stops working?

Zero Mass Water monitors all panels installed around the world. If for any reason SOURCE stops working, we will deploy our field team to resolve any issues with your panels.

How do you know SOURCE produces enough water?

We design arrays of SOURCE panels based on consumption factors you share with us in the sales processes, SOURCE arrays can easily be scaled up or down in size to meet your needs.

How much water does SOURCE store?

Each panel has a 30 liter reservoir

How much maintenance does SOURCE require?

SOURCE is low-maintenance requiring the air filter (standard A/C filter) to be changed once annually & the mineral cartridge once every 5 years. We will work with you to make sure your SOURCE is always running optimally.

How long does SOURCE last?

SOURCE has a 10 year lifetime.