The only way to own your water

Infrastructure- Free is The Only Way

Let’s face it. There hasn’t been a great way to get drinking water you can feel good about. Between aging infrastructure, plastic waste & limited water resources — Everyone needs a better option. That’s why we designed SOURCE to bring convenience, quality, and security to drinking water. Designed to be completely off-grid and self-contained- SOURCE is true water ownership you can feel good about.


Truly Renewable Water

There is an inexhaustible supply of water vapor in the air. SOURCE taps into this supply, extracting pure water. This pure water is similar composition to distilled water. So we add natural minerals to ensure great taste & health benefit. Unlike municipal or bottled water, SOURCE is without waste, so you can feel good about the water you drink.


Do you know your water?

Traveling through a complicated water system of pipes & aging infrastructure or from an extensive supply chain it’s hard to know exactly where your drinking water has been

with # your water is made on-site giving your community drinking water peace of mind

Technical Specifications


4 feet x 8 feet (1.2m x 2.4m)


There is an internal Li-ion battery to enable water delivery when the sun isn’t shining

Creation of Water:

Pure water vapor is pulled from air with a system powered by solar panels and is then converted into liquid water

Water Quality:

Pure water is created from water vapor (none of the pollutants in the air comes with it) and minerals are added; Follows EPA and FDA guidelines

Water Reservoir:

SOURCE panels make water that flows into a 30 liter reservoir where it is mineralized for optimal taste

Mineral Cartridge Composition:

One cartridge in reservoir: calcium and magnesium
Final finishing cartridge at tap: activated carbon

Daily Water Production:

2-5 liters or 4-10 standard water bottles; dependent on conditions related to sunshine and humidity

Installation Options:

Roof without shading

Energy Usage:

SOURCE is fully self-sustained and off-grid; creates and stores its own power in solar panel and batteries

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